• Uniters North America, LLC are high in quality

  • Posted on February 13, 2014
  • Uniters is a global brand name that is well respected because they have forged international trade relationships. They have formed long-term partnerships with businesses all over the globe. Uniters was founded in 1991 by the Chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company, Gordian Tork. One market that had long eluded Uniters was the American market, so in 2009 Gordian Tork established Uniters North America, LLC in order to bring their products to consumers in the United States.

    The products and services that are offered by Uniters North America, LLC are high in quality, which is what sets them apart from much of the competition. Consumers want to be able to pay reasonable prices for high quality quality furniture repair and protection products and services and this is exactly what they get out of Uniters North America's brands. If you are looking for home care or furniture protection or repair products and services, then Uniters North America, LLC is a company that can probably help. Amongst their most well known brands are Leather Master, Wood Master, Textile Master, Boat Master, Auto Care Master, and Repair Master. They also are responsible for Luonto, which is an all-natural line of furniture manufactured in Scandinavia, and for other brands of home care, furniture protection or repair.

    Uniters North America LLC's warranties and service plans are unlike many that you will find in the field. They are not designed to deny most claims—because what use it that? Uniters North America LLC uses a transparent and understandable system that processes claims fairly.

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